Projects Considered for support

The Agape Foundation of London is a small charitable organization with a big heart for our community. The purpose of the Foundation is to assist in the development of London through grants and special awards to non-profit, charitable groups in the areas of arts, recreation, social services, health, and the environment. If your organization does work which improves the quality of life in our community, we welcome your application for funding. In that process, we hope the following information will help to guide you.

  1. Your organization must have a CRA charitable registration number and be governed by a Board of Directors.
  2. Your organization must provide benefit to the community of London, Ontario and its citizens.
  3. Our grants are rarely over $10,000.
  4. We prefer to fund small, grassroots organizations which seek to meet immediate human need.
  5. We give higher priority to ‘seed money’ for new projects, programs, and initiatives.
  6. We do not fund capital campaigns.
  7. We prefer not to grant to organizations which have annual revenues, investments, and/or capital assets in excess of $250,000, or to organizations which have a payroll which exceeds 50% of annual budget.
  8. Successful applicants must be willing to report on the impact of the grant within six months of receipt.
  9. Except for special circumstances, we rarely make an additional grant to an organization for at least two years.

Directors who serve on the Board of The Agape Foundation are volunteers who are dedicated to furthering the purpose of the Foundation and improving the quality of life in London.

The Agape Foundation of London is an independent, registered charitable organization and is not affiliated with any other organization or institution. It is administered by a Board of Directors and operates under Registration Number 88977 4196 RR0001.

If you need any further information or clarification with respect to the submission of a grant application, please contact Grants Chair, Jay Campbell, by e-mail at

October 4, 2023
Granting Update: The next grant application review will be held in 2024. Please return to this site after February 07, 2024 for an announcement of the deadline for applications. .